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Meat Powder Plant

Meat Powder Plant
Meat Powder Are Very Welcome To The Animal Feed Industry Offal Rendering Are Very Interest For Poultry Processors And It's Their Solution To Converts Waste Disposal Problems Into Profit.
Installing Rendering Plant Are Set of Double Parietal Cooker - Drier Drum, Oil Heater Unit, Steam Release Mixer, Screen, Screw Conveyor, Storage Silo and Deodorizer Unit.
Double Parietal Cooking Drum With 450 Cm Length And 150 Cm Dia. With 2500-3000 Kg. Load Capacity On Each Batch And With Heated Oil Between Parietal To Warm Up The Drum For Cooking And Drying The Raw Materials.
The Main Shaft Of Drum Is 200x200 mm Quadrangle Alloy Steel Which Holds Eight Strong Arms In Different Angles And Contains Special Seals On Both Side Against Hot Steam.
Required Temperature And Pressure For Cooking Is 180°C And 2-3 Bar That Can Be Adjust By Special Safety Valve.
After Cooking Period (3.5 Hours) The Steam Pressure Release Through A Discharge Valve And By Compressing The Warm Air Into The Drum The Cooked Material Turns To Drying (1.5 Hours).
The Power Of Cooker - Drier Drum Is 75 Hp Coupled With High Torque Gearbox.
A Set Of Thermometer, Manometer And Hygrometer Are Installed On Drum To Help Operator During Cooking And Drying Period.
An Oil Heater With Double Coiled And More Than 500000 Kcal Capacity Supply The Required Temperature For Cooker - Drier Drum.
The Cooked And Dried Meat Powder Leads To Steam Release Mixer And After Cooling Period (0.5 - 1 Hour) Will Pass Through Vibrating Screen And The Fine Powder Leads To Storage Silo Through Screw Conveyor. Compressing The Warm Air Leads The Warm Steam To Deodorizer Unit And By Spraying Cold Water The Steam Turns To Cold And Deodorized Water.
Operating Panels & Control System Are Automatic And Equipped By Monitoring Systems.
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